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Our menu changes with the Seasons to reflect the tastes of our customers.

A Jolly Breakfast (served all day!)

A delicious locally-sourced sauasage in a bap, served with onions and ketchup.
Local Butcher’s sausage sandwich £4.00

(add fried onion or tomato – extra 20p)

Bacon bap or sandwich £3.80
Local Butcher’s sausage and bacon bap or sandwich £4.40
Beans on toast £4.00 v
2 slices toast served with peanut butter, jam or marmalade £2.00 v
2 slices of fruit toast with butter £2.00 v

Toasties: £4.20 | Panini: £4.30

All fresh. Toasties are also available on gluten-free bread.

Cheese pesto and tomato v
Toasted wrap with cheddar cheese, homemade tomato salsa, soured cream and rocket
Cheese and ham
Cheese, pineapple, red onion and fresh coriander and chili v
Tuna and red onion melt
Chicken chutney melt
Goat’s cheese and caramalised onion chutney with rocket
Hummus, tomato, bell pepper and spinach leaves v

Jolly Platters: £4.50

Dips and Bits – Toast fingers with vegetable fingers and a choice of two dips

Choose from: Hummus, Greek yogurt with pesto, taramasalata, homemade tomato salsa with soured cream

A Jolly Simple Sandwich: £3.70

Choose 1 filling from ham, cheese v, tuna mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise v or chicken

Add salad leaves, tomato or cucumber for an extra 15p each

The Jolly Jazzy Range: £6.50

Served with crisps, mini salad or homemade coleslaw on the side .

Toasted wrap with cheddar cheese, homemade tomato salsa, soured cream and rocket
Herby chicken pitta; chicken, roasted red pepper, Greek yogurt, pesto and ice-burg lettuce
Ham bagel, with pineapple coleslaw and watercress

The range available changes daily.

Warm goat’s cheese caramelised onion chutney and rocket bagel v
Hummus, roasted red pepper, red onion and salad leaf wrap v


Mini side salad £1.00 v
Salad, homemade coleslaw and crisps £2.00 v
Homemade coleslaw £1.00 v

Jolly Tasty Treats

Treat yourself to one of our delicious range of cakes, biscuits and bakery items, many of which have been homemade and include products made with dairy free and gluten free ingredients.

For Kids

Jolly Kids

Kid’s lunch plate – two sandwich quarters, veg sticks, mini breadsticks, mini brownie or pot of raisins and juice carton or squash £3.80

Kids' Nibbles

Vegetable sticks £1.00 v
6 mini breadsticks 50p v
6 mini sausage chunks £1.00
Hummus dip 50p

Kids' Hot Stuff

Beans on toast £3.00 v

Beans and cheese on toast £3.20 v

Kids' Sweet Treats

Pot of dried fruit 50p
Mini chocolate brownie 50p

Gingerbread man £1.30

Kids' Drinks

Small milk £1.00
Small milkshake £1.30
Small milkshake with cream or ice cream £2.30
Orange or blackcurrant squash 60p
Apple or Orange juice £1.00
Warm milk £1.00
Warm milk with a shot of syrup £1.30


Jolly Hot Drinks​

Freshly Ground Coffee

Please see our board by the counter for our range of freshly ground coffee, including mochas and flavoured lattes, served in regular or large cups

Bottomless Filter Coffee £2.20
Hot Chocolate served with marshmallows £2.80

Add cream for an extra 30p

Chai Latte £2.80

Please ask at the counter about the wide range of teas that we offer, including: Tea for £2.00 and Speciality tea for £2.10

Jolly Cold Drinks

Milk shake £2.00
Milk shake with cream or ice cream £3.00
Homemade Lemonade £2.00
Ginger and Lemongrass Fizz £2.00
Fizzy drink cans £1.20 /£1.25
Adult milk £2.00

Bottled water £1.00

Jolly Olly’s is open 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday. We  offer coffee, cakes and products from local suppliers and also offer gluten free options. Free wi-fi , a children’s play corner and a local community section are all available.5


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